Testimonials from our clients

Dave and Gwen Blewett of Intero Real Estate assisted with the sale of our home at 650 Santa Rita Avenue in Old Palo Alto. I am a real estate professional involved in the development, construction, and sale of single family residential properties for the past 30 years. Upon doing my research with friends and family prior to listing our home, Dave and Gwen were highly receommended to my wife and I. The following is my observation our of business relationship and the service provided.

1.) Complete and realistic market analysis. 2.) Honest and reliable valuation of our home. 3.) Dedication and expeditious preparation of our home for showings. (We were out of town during the entire sale process) 4.) Complete, professional and thorough listing and marketing materials. 5.) Professional handling of consummation of sale, recordation and sound advice.

In summary, I was impressed by how thorough Dave and Gwen conducted the sale of our home. Every detail of this transaction was handled over the telephone or e-mail, without us meeting in person out of convenience for my busy schedule. All aspects, including cleaning and removal of excess furniture was taken care of by them. I therefore, higly recommend the Blewett Team to any prospective clients.

With regards, Farid Assemi

Farid Assemi, CEO Granville Homes
Seller, Formerly of Palo Alto

We would like to take a moment of your time in order to sing the praises and applaud the efforts of the Blewett Sales Team. The three of them, Dave, Gwen and their son Anton, were at all times professional, courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable and did whatever they had to do to ensure that we, as clients, were satisfied. From our initial meeting with them to the signing of the papers for our beautiful new home, this dedicated and hardworking family really came through for us.

When we first walked into their office conference room, they took the time to listen to what we, a family combining two separate households into one, wanted to accomplish. As a person who makes use of a motorized wheelchair, my needs in regards to a home were very specific: a one level, ranch style dwelling on the Peninsula. Several months and dozens of showings later, my family and I were not finding what we were looking for and we were about to settle on the next best thing when Anton reassured us tht if we were to persevere and continue our search with him, he knew that we would find our dream home. Sure enough, we did!

As is true in life, timing is everything in real estate. In our particular case, we needed to sell and close one home, take the money we received from that sale, and purchase and close another home. The likelihood of completing a transaction of this nature is difficult in the best of economic times, but Dave, Gwen and Anton were able to pull it off in this tough market seamlessly. They were able to help us sell, close, purchase and close again within a month and a half of each other.

But, what impressed us most about the Blewett's was not their incomparable work ethic, nor their constant availability by phone, fax, e-mail, or in person. It wasn't their thorough and complete knowledge of the real estate business nor the depth and breadth of their local contacts. No, what impressed my family the most was the simple fact that they treated us like we were members of their family. When you are purchasing such a valuable and personal item as a home, it's comforting to know that you are working with a GREAT FAMILY TEAM!

Sincerely, Jason and Fehmeen Picetti

Jason and Fehmeen Picetti, Teachers at Las Lomitas School District
Buyers, Home in San Carlos

Please accept our thanks for an outstanding job in selling our Aunts home at 28 Don Court, Redwood City. Because of Dave, Gwen and Anton's effort, the preparation of the home for sale went smoothly. Your assistance from such little things as boxes, to the staging, referral and meeting with the painter, meeting with the heating contractor, plus the hauling away of all unwanted items made my job so much easier. Knowing I had professional, reliable people in my camp allowed me the peace of mind I needed at this difficult time.

The housing market is in a down turn. Dave is a man of tireless energy that marketed our lovely, tranquil property, selling it within a week of the first open house at a sale price over what we were asking and expecting. Let me add, another home on Don Court was marketed by another local real estate agent right after our home closed escrow. This home sat on the market for almost two months and sold for way less than the asking price! They should have listed with Dave Blewett and his team!

Dave exceeded my expectations. He is truly a Renaissance Man in the world of Real Estate.

Most Appreciatively, Janice V. Dwyer, Successor Trustee

Janice V. Dwyer, Successor Trustee
Seller, Trustee Sale in Redwood City

Dave and his team of Anton and Gwen Blewett helped me buy my home in Foster City. I especially appreciated Anton's support, for several months he showed me many townhomes on the Peninsula and he helped me understand home values and the current trends. This allowed me to feel good about what my purchase price should be in this very turbulent time. I was extremely picky about what I wanted and would not purchase if all of my criteria was not met. Anton understood this and was able to identify properties for me to look at. He was extremely patient and undeterred when I would immediately reject a home, he would want to know why and then used this information to understand my needs. Also, both he and Dave were very supportive during the escrow process, as it was a very fast close. They made sure I had more than enough information before I completed the process. This made me feel especially good about my purchase.

I worked with the Blewett's on a previous purchase and sale. For future needs and for my friends and co-workers, I will of course work with the Blewett Team. Not only do I trust Dave, Anton and Gwen with my real estate transactions but they helped me feel like a part of the community and I hope to be their friend for many years to come!

Thanks so much, Karen Shannette

Karen Shannette, Engineering and Assembly Manager
Buyer, Home in Foster City

I am pleased to share with you my appreciation for the services I received from Dave Blewett in the successful sale of my Britain Heights Condominium in San Carlos.

I had listed my property with another real estate agent over a year ago and progress stalled without an offer.

After 11 months of being on the market, I was referred by a friend to Dave Blewett and was positively overwhelmed with the difference in quality of service. I was educated about the market, as it had definitely changed in the past 12 months, and given professional attention and daily information and progress.

Dave engaged my confidence from the start and the property is now sold and closed.

I would like to add, that the entire process from signing the listing agreement to closing has truly changed my impression of real estate services. Dave restored my appreciation for the integrity and value of the services I received.

Thank you to Dave and his team, and Intero for a quality and successful experience.

Sincerely, Susan Kavet

Susan Kavet, Director of Development, Breast Cancer Connections
Seller, Home in San Carlos

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience I had regarding the sale of my property located at 447 Hillcrest Road, San Carlos.

I have a Real Estate Broker's license and have had friends tell me I could sell my home myself and questioned why I would list with a Real Estate Agent; my answer was "you don't know Dave Blewett".

I have worked with Dave for over 30 years and would not think of using another Realtor; I feel Dave is the best in his field and I have total confidence in him. On of the things I like the best about Dave is that he tells it like it is. I don't want to work with a Realtor that will tell you whatever you want to hear to get the listing. I want to work with someone that tells me the truth on what the home is worth. I want to work with someone that takes charge to get my property on the market, someone that knows real estate inside and out; that person is Dave Blewett.

Gwen Blewett was incredible in how she orchestrated getting my property ready for the market; obtaining the best people in their fields, a contractor, a gardener, a painter, a stager, etc. She worked on getting the most competitive prices from these people and oversaw that all work was done in a timely and acceptable fashion. During the process of getting the home ready and while it was listed, Gwen kept me posted every step of the way and took time to explain everything that was going on. Gwen let me know that at anytime I could pick up the phone and contact her; I am so grateful for her guidance, she is wonderful and Dave's secret weapon.

Dave thoroughly went over the offer that was presented on my home and looked out for my best interest and made sure every form on the contract was completed in accordance to law. I have never had to worry when Dave has sold a home for me, or that a buyer would be coming back later to say something had not been disclosed. This is only one of the many reasons that I have used Dave for all my real estate transactions over the years.

I often wonder if Dave realizes how many times he has changed peoples lives for the better by the wonderful work he does. On behalf of me and my daughters, we are forever grateful.

Sincerely, Margie Berger

Margie Berger, Expert Financial
Seller, Home in San Carlos

Our family completed an unusually complicated real estate transaction with an extraordinary amount of negotiation involving the sale of our Hillsborough Home and the purchase of our new Home in San Mateo Park.

Throughout the transaction, Dave Blewett and his Team deftly dealt with a most peculiar and eccentric seller of the San Mateo Park home, and her agent, a person of very questionable character, values and ethics. I am absolutely convinced that without the experienced, credible, diligent and top-notch Dave Blewett Real Estate Team, the aforementioned transaction would not have materialized.

I am indeed fortunate to have Dave Blewett as my agent whom I have worked with over the past twenty years and will continue to work with in the future. May I add that Intero is fortunate to have Dave Blewett whom I believe to be, as I mentioned before, one of the top real estate professionals in the western United States. With agents like Dave Blewett, it is clear Intero will continue to be a very successful and highly regarded real estate organization here in the Bay Area.

If I can be of further assistance in helping you make your real estate decision, please don't hesitate to call me.

Sincerely, John C. Schrup, 650.579.1502, www.unitedamericanbank.com

John C. Schrup, President and CEO of United American Bank
Seller, Home in Hillsborough

On behalf of the Haycock family, my sister Carol and I wanted to express our gratitude for the outstanding job Dave did in selling our Mother's home. Of all the candidates we interviewed, Dave's team stood out because of his enthusiasm, his knowledge of the local market, and the impressive research behind his proposed marketing and pricing strategy.

Dave delivered on every commitment and exceeded our expectations with multiple offers, and a sale at $200,000 over asking price, within 10 days of listing! This happened not because the home was underpriced but because Dave knew his competition and is an excellent negotiator.

We appreciated the full service provided by his team, including the preparation, staging and maintenance of the home, assistance and shipment and storage of family treasures, and the professional and effective presentation on brochures, ads and internet sites. We commend Dave for recognizing that our Mother's home was a "magical property", bringing us optimal value for our family home, and streamlining the process so nicely.

Best regards, Steve Haycock and Carol Whitaker

Steve Haycock and Carol Whitaker
Trustee Sellers, Home in San Mateo

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